Women as Leaders in Business January Weekend Seminar

Women as Leaders in Business
January Weekend Seminar

SCPS has developed a new topic for this January’s Weekend Seminar- Women as Leaders in Business, a three-credit undergraduate course. During the weekend session from January 4-6, students will have the opportunity to learn about the history of women in business, explore gender bias and stereotyping, evaluate leadership competencies, and build inclusive workplaces. 

Led by Joyce Martin and co-facilitated by Catherine Weaver and Pam Hoffman, the seminar will also feature a guest lecture by Kedren Crosby on Emotional Intelligence. Several guests from various industries will join us for a panel discussion on management styles and preparing for career opportunities.

Students have the option to take the course to fulfill one of the following areas:

  • Upper-Level Business elective
  • Upper-Level Corporate Communications elective
  • Social World
  • Values, Choice, and Justice
  • General Elective.

Students interested in enrolling in IDC 3790 Women as Leaders in Business, should contact their academic advisor before December 17 requesting to be added to the course list and to indicate which area they would like the course to fill in their curricular requirements. The course is open to the first 30 students who request enrollment.