SCPS Offering Two New Courses

SCPS Offering Two New Courses

This summer, SCPS will be offering a new course that will be applicable to Human Services majors as an elective and to all undergraduate students as a Social World Core option.  As with most courses, it can also be used to satisfy 3-credits of general electives.

HS2200 Wellness for All (SW)  Offered: online in J2- June 26 to July 29

Balancing the roles of student, employee, and family member creates challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting it in others. This course will enable students to investigate the six dimensions of wellness from both the personal and professional perspectives. Students will also evaluate the theoretical models of wellness in order to promote a wellness lifestyle in others.

Course Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe how the six dimensions of wellness impact health.
  2. Evaluate the theoretical models of wellness in improving health.
  3. Utilize resources to assess health and wellness.
  4. Formulate strategies to maintain and/or improve desired levels of wellness for self and clients, family, or employees.
  5. Articulate the importance of a healthy lifestyle for self and clients, family, or employees.

We also have a new Weekend Intensive topic – August 11, 12 & 13

IDC 3800 The Heroin Epidemic

This three-credit weekend intensive course focuses on the phenomenon (aspects) of the heroin epidemic in Pennsylvania. A team of expert facilitators will take a critical look at how the use of prescription opioids and heroin have grown in the Commonwealth and throughout the United States. The path taken by our society to get to this crisis point will be analyzed with a close look at the roles of the pharmaceutical industry and medical community. The psychological, economic, drug counseling and law enforcement components will also be examined. The learning experience will be enhanced by facilitator led discussions and learning activities, a common set of readings and Canvas interaction. Through these experiences, the learner constructs a foundation from which he/she can more deeply explore how the heroin epidemic has impacted Pennsylvania. With the help of the expert team, each learner self-directs further exploration through personalized learning outcomes and produces a customized research paper at the end of the course. Student suggested options to the research paper will be considered by the facilitators on a case by case basis.

This class can fulfill the following requirements: Social World, Upper-Level Business Elective, Upper-Level Criminal Justice Elective, Values, Choice & Justice or a General Elective.