SCPS Student and Alumni News

SCPS Student and Alumni News


Michael DeGroft ‘06 has been named Dean of Enrollment Services for Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. Most recently he was Director of Financial Aid and Registrar. Mr. DeGroft received a master's degree from the University of Phoenix and graduated from Elizabethtown College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2006.


Current Students

Khem Subedi was recently featured in a news story in LNP newspaper for the 1st anniversary of the Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds Middle School in Lancaster. Subedi is the community school facilitator for the support center. The Refugee Center is part of a program through the Lancaster-Lebanon IU13. It helps refugee families in the School District of Lancaster transition within its communities and it connects them with much needed support services such as English as a second language classes, job training, parental workshops and various clubs.

Subedi moved to the United States five years ago from Nepal where he was a high school principal and worked in nongovernmental organizations. He is currently an Elizabethtown College SCPS student majoring in Business Administration.