SCPS Staff Volunteers at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

SCPS Staff Volunteers at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Each holiday season in lieu of a gift exchange, the staff of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies volunteers at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Rather than exchange gifts, employees prefer to give their time to an organization that could benefit from the help of a group of our size.

On December 15th, SCPS staff arrived at the Central PA Food Bank in the midst of the single-digit wind chills to work in the very chilly warehouse. We were all bundled up and ready to be put to work. Each year, we’ve been given a different task. With the threat of winter weather looming, Chris, our leader for the day, told us we’d be helping with a project that was originally scheduled for Saturday but needed to be expedited due to the impending storm. Hunger can’t be postponed so the project was moved up by two days.  

The Central PA Food Bank has a second warehouse in the Williamsport Area. To help supply food boxes for Christmas meals in the Williamsport area, our group of 12 was asked to help with one of the items in the box, and it was a big task: Potatoes.

The Food Bank received a large supply of potatoes in 50-pound sacks. Our job was to break down the sacks into 5-pound bags for distribution. Armed with rubber gloves for any potential rotten potatoes, (Whew, do they stink!) netted bags, and a scale, SCPS staff was productive. In a little over two hours or so, the team processed 4.5 skids of potatoes into five pound bags. That’s approximately 9,000 pounds of potatoes for deserving families! We’re very proud of our efforts to help families in need this holiday season.

On Monday December 19th, the Central PA Food Bank distributed 850 holiday food boxes, including potatoes, in Williamsport as part of its opening of the Health Food Hub. Read more about it here. To volunteer or find out what donations are needed at the Central PA Food Bank, please call 717-564-1700 or email Chris at