Tips and Tricks for Navigating APA Style

Tips and Tricks for Navigating APA Style

Using APA Style is tricky even for citation veterans. The APA Guide from High Library has many resources to help you navigate using APA. Here are some tools that are particularly useful:

APA Style Blog

Wondering how to cite an article with a title that ends in a question mark? Or how to cite an article you read in another language? This official blog from experts at APA will have the answer to these and many other questions that develop as you format your citations. Search the blog using the box in the upper right corner.

APA from OWL at Purdue 

Purdue’s OWL is a fantastic resource which explains the essentials of APA in clear language and is easy to navigate. The Formatting and Style Guide features a variety of citation examples for specific source formats as well as explanations of general rules.

Microsoft Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word has a template for writing papers in APA style? When creating a new document select the template “APA Style Report (6th Edition)”. Word also has a tool to help format your citations. Select “References” from the top ribbon on any document and look for the section “Citations & Bibliography”. Like any preformatted template or citation formatting tool, you should always double check your paper and citations for accuracy.

Comprehensive APA Video Tutorial from Atomic Learning  

This tutorial is an in-depth workshop on APA from Atomic Learning which covers formatting your paper, references, and more. This link leads directly to a tutorial using Microsoft Word 2013 and there is also a Word 2010 version linked in the tutorial description; however, you do not need to use Word for these tutorials to be useful, the covered topics will translate to the word processor of your choice. Use your Etown username and password to access these tutorials.

Questions about APA or any other library information? SCPS’s Liaison Librarian, Jennifer Strain [] is happy to help.