2018 Excellence in Teaching Award and Faculty Service Awards

2018 Excellence in Teaching Award and Faculty Service Awards

Congratulations to Joyce Martin, the 2018 SCPS Excellence in Teaching Award recipient!

SCPS students were asked to nominate facilitators that they would recommend to be selected for the award. Below are three of the many nominations Joyce received:

  • I was privileged to take 2 courses she facilitated. She made the classes interesting and interactive. Her knowledge of the business world is exceptional.
  • She has always been an excellent resource in the business education department of SCPS. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of ethics, Human Resources, and diversity is invaluable to students like me who appreciate a facilitator who can cut to the chase and tell it like it is. She also challenges all of her students to engage in real critical thinking and stresses the importance of multiple communication methods when developing professional careers.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of having her for numerous classes now through my time in the SCPS program. She pushed me to become a better writer by taking time in class as well as outside of the classroom to make sure that I understand where I can improve. She also has given professional advice regarding my education as well as my career future upon graduation. She is a great asset to Elizabethtown College.

Additionally, the following remarks were given by Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Peggy Rosario at the recent faculty dinner.

“The winner of this award has taught 18 undergraduate and 4 graduate courses since 2012. She has served as a professional mentor for graduate students and done a Course Equivalency Proposal review. The thing that really impresses me about this year’s winner is her commitment to service. She views her teaching and mentorship as giving back. Her students see that she really cares about them as individuals, not just as students learning the content in her classes. Each time she teaches, she has ideas about how to make classes better. She is a wonderful role model for all of the characteristics that make an outstanding teacher.”

Service Awards were also presented at the faculty dinner:

5 Years
Simon Hauser
Kimberly Hess
Evelyn Lisi
Shadena Natty
Timothy Schauer
Melinda Tobin
Jaci Verghese

10 Years
John Abel
Joe Anderson
Karl Brummer
Patricia Courtois
Emily Moyer
Rob Goocey

15 Years
David Radcliff
Mike Staub
Robert Wesoloskie