SCPS graduate Drew Heistand receives prestigious honor

SCPS graduate Drew Heistand receives prestigious honor

Congratulations to Drew Heistand, who graduated from the SCPS Excel program and Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership. Drew was awarded the York County Officer of the Year award for his major role in the forward movement of the Hellam Township Police Department. Here is what Drew had to say about this great honor and his time at E-town:

“The Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award is to recognize outstanding law enforcement officers whose service to the community goes well beyond the basic requirements of their job. The award is presented by the Police Heritage Museum and sponsored by Modern Landfill in cooperation with the York DA's Office, York County Chiefs of Police, and FOP Lodges #15 & #73. 

There are hundreds of other officers in the county who are just as deserving of this great honor as I am. However, we at Hellam Township Police Department have built such a tremendous team. They make me look good. If I had more time I would point out all the accolades my direct reports have accomplished. They make my job easy and enjoyable. 

Hellam Township is where I live, where my children are growing up, and is easy for me to be involved in the community. Being the Staff Sergeant, I oversee all operations of the department. I also handle a majority of the administrative duties which has pulled me away from the street, and away from the community. So when I do have time to be in the community, I make sure to contribute. Two examples are Junior Achievement and Senior Awareness. Many of the problems we see in our community are money-related. Junior Achievement is an excellent tool to help our youth understand entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work-readiness. More importantly it is a positive impact for law enforcement. Senior Awareness is a program I created with the help of neighboring police departments. It brings awareness to the crimes occurring against seniors in East York. It also provides ways to prevent seniors from being victims to those crimes. 

I finished my Masters in Strategic Leadership last year at Elizabethtown. It is one of the best experiences throughout my life, and one of the greatest investments. The knowledge gained, and relationships built are priceless. I am able to make confident decisions, which help guide the department forward. Hellam Township core values have a main focus of compassion, and our mission statement ends with service before self. Both our core values and mission statement were created last year by the Chief and I, and obviously influenced by E-town College. Because of E-town College, we excel.”

Congrats again Drew. Thank you for spreading E-town’s mission to others and serving your community with grace!